Nebula Series 2011-12

By dripping ink onto paper, I have produced a catalogue of fractal forms which have been transferred to copper printing plates through the process of metal engraving. These engravings are then printed (in various colors) on extremely thin rice paper and collaged together using a system of chance determination.

Fractals are found in many manifestations throughout the natural world. Such forms repeat endlessly and/or at various magnifications from the infinitesimally small to the unimaginably large. For example, a cloud consists of large billowing forms with smaller bulges that have smaller bumps with bumps on them and so on down to the smallest scale that can be resolved. One cannot estimate the size of a cloud without extra visual information to reference. I incorporate fractal forms in my artwork in order to utilize this visual phenomenon.

Through this body of artwork, it is my hope to create an experience that the viewer can take into the world, carrying with them a heightened sense of wonder regarding their surroundings, the forces shaping them, and how these same forces act upon us.