Nature Morte

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken.” -Leo Tolstoy

I am fascinated by seasonal changes when leaves drop to the ground in contorted, infinitely varied forms and when new buds and sprouts are bursting forth. These seasonal changes are reminders of the cycles of nature and the constant march of time. My artworks capture these moments of seasonal change by focusing on the beauty and complexity of plants. These images function as Memento Mori – reminders of the fleeting nature of existence. Seed pods, blooming flowers, and broken branches serve as my inspiration. Such objects remind us that the world is fleeting and it should be enjoyed before it passes away. Additionally, by focusing on iconic, commonplace objects, the prints serve as reminders that nature is all around us – not solely in the grand, far-off vistas of our wild lands, but also in our backyards, ditches, gardens, and hedgerows. These places are equally important to the environmental health of our world and through these close-to-home sites we are inherently connected to the natural world around us.

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